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Westfield schools budget will require elimination of 24 positions

SWS is not looking forward to the larger class sizes that these cuts will bring about. We are going to band together and do something about this, folks!

Westfield ready to launch feasibility study to determine need for new elementary school

From MassLive:

 "Cost of the study will range from $300,000 to $700,000, but Westfield will receive 62 percent reimbursement of that cost. Also, in the event that a new school is built, the city will receive another 62 percent reimbursement on that cost. Estimate for a new elementary school has been mentioned at about $40 million."

Westfield facing 'agonizing' decisions over school budget

SWS is very concerned about the continuing budget cuts to Westfield's school budget. This year's budget is already $2 million less than last year's budget. And it looks like more money is going to be lopped off next year's budget. This trend is not good and is of great concern to everyone who want to make sure our kids get a quality education.

Westfield needs to continue providing services despite anticipated state cuts, Mayor Daniel Knapik says

In a public meeting, Mayor Dan Knapik anticipates cuts to the city's budget in light of fewer tax revenue coming in to the state.

Westfield Officials to Take Conservative Approach to Contract Negotiations

As the economy remains in the doldrums, state tax receipts continue to be way down. City officials and workers knew it was going to be a tough negotiation year.

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