Apology to David Flaherty

My letter also challenged his lack of credibility with other City Councilors who ultimately decided to vote with the mayor on his budget. What does it tell you that Councilor Flaherty, after over three years, still cannot persuade a majority of the other councilors to vote his way on the budget? If the city's finances are truly as dire as he says they are, why hasn't one single city official, elected or otherwise, backed up his claims? How would it be possible for Moody's and S&P to give us high credit worthiness scores if everything Flaherty claims was true? How can it be that everyone who has studied the city's books is wrong and David Flaherty is right?
Save Westfield Schools offered a challenge to Councilor Flaherty to develop a spreadsheet proving conclusively why he is right and that could be verified by an outside expert. He hasn't done it yet, nor is it likely that he will. All he has done is continue his reckless scaremongering in a couple of videos he produced. He even suggested in a recent Westfield News article that the city might go bankrupt. Nonsense.
I hope Councilor Flaherty will accept my apology. But he should know I will continue to do what I can to raise awareness about why I, and the rest of the SWS community, think he is bad for Westfield.