Councilor Flaherty to Peg Considine

Response from Dave Flaherty, July 21, 2010:

Thank you very much for contacting me. I understand your message and feel very strongly about supporting our schools and the programs they offer our kids. However, we cannot continue to keep spending at rates that are faster than our growth in revenue. We are asking all employee groups to help reduce the growth rates in their pay scales - not to take pay cuts. For each of the past few years, the school department has given out big raises while cutting services and laying off teachers and other professionals. I do not want to see this continue. Last year the employees in the school department got average raises of 7.6%, this year their budget is asking for 4.23%. We need to get these numbers closer to 2.5-3% in order for us to continue to offer the programs and class sizes our kids deserve. Taxpayers would be furious if we raised taxes or fee by 7.6% or 4.23% year-after-year in order to pay for these raises.


Dave Flaherty

PS. Those percentages do not the count costs of payroll taxes, benefits, and long-term retirement costs.