Westfield Schools to Receive $1.4 Million in Federal Stimulus Money

The source of the money is the "Education Jobs Fund," a $26 billion rescue package passed by Democrats in Congress and signed by President Obama on August 10. The money will go directly to the states to hire back laid off teachers and other school-based employees. Massachusetts has received $204 million in funding. That money will soon get redistributed to each Massachusetts school district using the same formula that determines how Chapter 70 money gets distributed. "Chapter 70" refers to the Massachusetts state law that provides a major source of state aid to school districts.

But just like the money in your coat pocket won't solve all your financial worries, this money isn't going to solve any long term problems for us. Mayor Knapik has stated in the past that he expects the 2011/12 budget to be worse than this year's. And there is the potential of huge cuts to our schools if a November ballot measure, Question 3, passes. Question 3 proposes to recklessly slash the state sales tax. More information about Question 3 will be appearing here soon. For now, let's just enjoy this great news!